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Where Compassionate Advocacy Meets Skill And Experience In Child Custody And Child Support

One of the most important matters in most divorce proceedings is the well-being of your children. The matter of child custody can strike fear into your heart when contemplating the split of households. You may feel your parent-child relationship will suffer or be threatened. You may also be worried about how divorce will affect your child emotionally. These concerns are all too common and understandable. And figuring out how to resolve them in the best possible way can be even more stressful and challenging.

But with the right help from an experienced, compassionate child custody attorney, these matters do not have to overwhelm. I am child custody lawyer Sahara Bell from Bell Law Group, and I’m here for you and your kids.

Thoughtful Help From An Experienced Child Custody Lawyer

I am uniquely sensitive to the issues of child custody and support. As the child of divorced parents, I know first-hand how divorce can impact children who often have little understanding of what is happening. For a child, most of all, divorce can be a very destabilizing experience. That’s why these issues must be delicately managed according to their best interests. When you work with me, this is top-of-mind, while also prioritizing the protection of your parental rights and achieving your objectives when resolving custody and support.

What To Know About Child Custody In Illinois

Child custody and visitation in Illinois is referred to as parenting time and the allocation of parental responsibilities. What does this mean?

  • Parental responsibility: Refers to decision-making authority regarding major areas of the child’s life, such as education, religion, health care and extracurricular activities. This right may held by both parents jointly or by only one parent solely.
  • Parenting time: This involves where the child will reside. It also may be decided on a joint (shared) basis or one parent may have sole physical possession of the child. Where parenting time is shared or equally split, parents must create a time-sharing plan that the court approves.

Courts in Illinois base their decisions on the allocation of parenting time and responsibilities according to the best interests of the child. It is generally believed that children do best with continuing and frequent contact with both parents. Thus, courts usually favor joint parenting time. Only in cases where a child’s safety may be at risk do courts award sole physical custody, such as when a parent has a history of family violence or substance abuse.

I am a dedicated child custody attorney who will always advocate for the best interests of your child. You can rely on me to make sure both you and your children’s voices are heard in court and when custody decisions are being made.

What To Know About Child Support In Illinois

Under Illinois family law, parents owe financial support to their children, whether married, divorced, or never married. When parents separate or divorce, one parent typically pays the other parent this support as determined by state guidelines. The payor is generally the parent who spends less time with the child, often called the “noncustodial” parent.

Child support payments are calculated on a state formula using a percentage of the payor’s net income. How much a payor will be required to pay will be based on the number of children needing support. For example, if two children need support, the support payment will be 28 percent of the payor’s net income.

Courts have the authority to deviate from these calculations when it is determined that the amount derived is inappropriate or unfair to a child or either parent.

I can help you figure out a support plan that works for you and your kids. I can advocate for both of you and help ensure a fair settlement is reached in a timely manner.

Get More Information About Custody And Support

These matters are extremely complex and it’s important to get things right the first time. Let me be there for you and help you figure things out successfully. I also have offices in Matteson and Atlanta for convenient service in those areas. Get in touch with me today to find out more about how I can help. Use my online contact form or give me a call at (708) 512-5575 to set up an appointment.